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Rock It-Optic-Kids™ LED fiber optic light-effect sneakers

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LED light-up shoes have been around for a while, but not like this! Your kids could be the first to wear these beautiful fiber optic luminescent unisex shoes.  Even you could don these beauties!!

Rock It Optic-Kids are real attention grabbers, believe us! The boys and girls in your life will love them. Night time will be a whole new these lights are so bright you can see them during the day!

The technology

  • Switch between 7 different luminous colors (red, green, blue, yellow turquoise, purple, white).
  • Switch between 3 dynamic moving color modes plus a strobe mode.
  • Easily control the lights using the hidden button inside the strap on the back of the heel on each shoe. Press button to turn on the light and change the lighting modes. Press the same button and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the light.
  • 5-8 hours of battery life (Different modes consume power differently)
  • Charge by USB for 2-3 hours to fill the battery (cable supplied)
  • Recharged by power bank, car charger or common charger, or any USB power supply.
  • Safe to Wear. CE and PSE certified. You can rest assured they are safe.

The sneakers

  • Breathable knit material ensures that the feet are kept dry. PU leather at the heel for better support.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable sneakers great for walking, running and playing
  • Very soft and shock absorbent silicone sole decrease the stress on feet and heels.
  • New Fiber optic materials help to reduce the weight to 1.1 lb (500g) per pair.

Question and answers

Q. How do I clean the shoes?
A. Make sure the battery is exhausted. Wipe the shoe face with a damp cloth. Don't wash or soak in water. Put the shoes in a ventilated place to dry.

Q. Are they suitable for wearing in the rain?
A. They are OK in light rain, or a sprinkling of water but these are not designed to be soaked with water. The electronics could fail (not dangerous to the wearer, they'll just stop working). See the adult sizes 

Q. Do I need to insert batteries?
A. No, the shoes come with a built-in long-life battery

Q. Can I get adult sizes?
A. Yes, we sell up to US size 12.5 men. See the adult sizes 

Q. Do they come fully charged?
A. No, you'll need to charge them for up to 3 hours when you get them.

Kids sizing

IMPORTANT !!  - The sizes shown above when you select your order are Asian sizes. CHECK THE SIZING CHART BELOW BEFORE YOU ORDER (we don't want you to be disappointed!).

Purchase size (as listed above) US Size (kids) EUR size Insole length (inch)
9.5 8.5 25 6.30
10 9 26 6.50
10.5 10 27 6.69
11 11 28 6.89
11.5 12 29 7.28
12.5 12.5 30 7.48
13 13 31 7.68
1 1 32 8.07
1.5 1.5 33 8.27
2.5 2.5 34 8.46

How to measure your child's insole


Add to cart and unlock more available product savings!!


Add to cart and unlock more available product savings!!