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Reflexology Acupuncture Mat

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Standing on this Mat 15 Minutes a Day Can Stimulate Your Organs, Blood flow and Promote Health!

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years and the first documented history of it dates back two thousand years. That's THOUSANDS of years of medical experience in healing and proactive preventative measures for disease and illness. Even North American Medical practices are adopting Traditional Chinese Medical practices now. 3 very important aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine are Reflexology, Acupressure, and Massage. When it comes to health the feet may not strike you as the epicenter of your body's organs, however, Traditional Chinese Medical studies show differently.

The Feet are Essential to a Healthy Body! Did you Know:

  • The feet are considered a separate body related to all body parts and organs
  • The feet are more subject to injury than any other part of the body
  • A foot problem can lead to hip, knee and low-back pain, which can move into the shoulder and neck and even cause headaches
  • The feet have many nerve receptors that send important information to the central nervous system
  • Sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread through the body are mostly gathered around the soles of the feet
  • Reflexology focuses to stimulate blood flow, body functions, eliminate toxins, improve circulation and soothe nerves
  • Reflexology can also be used to treat internal organ diseases, relieve internal discomfort and relax the body

Why the Reflexology and Acupressure Mat?

  • The Reflexology and Acupressure Mat incorporates all 3 practices of Reflexology, Acupressure, and Massage.
  • There are specialized acupuncture points on each mat which correspond to meridians on your feet related to the Spleen, Liver, Stomach, Kidney, Bladder, Gallbladder etc..
  • Promotes blood flow in your body which results in increased energy, less fatigue, and better digestion
  • Enhances relaxation to allow better sleep
  • Helps with muscle stiffness all over your body
  • Relieves neck and back pain
  • They help with Arthritis and #14BEEE
  • Used in treating female edema
  • The increase blood flow to your feet help gradually eliminate multiple chronic diseases and removal of toxins in the body
  • Although this mat may not be the sole cure for an illness or condition, the effects of blood flow, stimulation of pressure points and relaxation will show positive results. They are a great way of being proactive with your health.

How to Use it?

  • Recommended use is walking on the mat for 15 Minutes a Day
  • You can also use them while you are working, watching tv etc..
  • Yes, it WILL hurt the first few times you use it as your feet are not used to these pressure points being stimulated. After the first few times, you will get used to it.
  • Makes a great gift for those health conscious, parents, grandparents friends, or spouse.

Add to cart and unlock more available product savings!!


Add to cart and unlock more available product savings!!