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Magic Staff™-Stainless Steel Bo Staff

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Magic Staff™ has a one-touch opening system. (Recoil-Stopper). It is easy to use light-weight, fast silent operation, safe operation oil not required. Use for martial arts practice for special techniques or self-defense. Also good for magic shows and tricks. Magic Staff™ extends into a full sized staff for martial arts or magic shows. Magic Staff™ extended size is 6 feet in length. Staff is extremely concealable and can be hidden in pockets or hands unseen. Staff construction is made from stainless steel and when extended can be very dangerous.  Please do not use Magic Staff™ to cause damage or harm to other individuals.




  • Magic Staff™ extends at a dangerous rate of speed
  • Magic Staff™ is constructed from stainless steel metal 
  • Magic Staff™ can be extremely dangerous when extended (use caution)
  • Magic Staff™ is concealable, can be hidden in a pocket or hand very easily
  • Caution-staff is very sharp and can damage soft tissue parts of human beings


  • Size: One Size
  • Age Range: Adults Only
  • Performance Form: Magic, Martial arts, EDC
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Features: Beginner, Expert
  • Type: Staff
  • Material: Stainless Steel
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