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Star Wars/Game of Thrones/Harry Potter Hand Operated Music Box-perfect gift idea!

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Winter is Coming Blue
Winter Is Coming Brown
Game of Thrones Brown
Game of Thrones Blue
Game of Thrones Brown 2
Game of Thrones Blue 2
Harry Potter Brown
Harry Potter Blue
Star Wars Brown
Star Wars Blue
Beauty and the Beast
Pink Panther
Let It Go
Twinkle Twinkle
Over The Rainbox
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Captain Jack Sparrow
The Godfather
La La Land
Let It Be

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Okay, let's be real here. Everyone on planet Earth has heard of Harry Potter, everyone in the universe has heard of Star Wars, and everyone in the fantasy universe has heard of Game of Thrones. 


These shows are HUGE! From books to films, it's everywhere! Which is why we bring you these very special music boxes. 

So these music boxes come in either brown or blue, and they play the theme songs of their respective show. Naturally, if you get a Harry Potter one, you would expect it to play the Harry Potter theme song. Perfect for any passionate fan!

These are shows that people are SO passionate about! So, that being said, if you are the passionate one, or someone you know is the passionate one, it will not hurt to try these out.

If you're looking for a cool way to give a surprise gift to your Harry Potter or GOT obsessed girlfriend, go for it! It is stylish, and plays the music everybody knows and loves!


  • 1x  Hand Operated Music Box
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