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2pcs Automatic Watering Device

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Going on a vacation but worried about your plants? Before you hire someone to water your plants while you're gone, consider these Automatic Watering Devices instead! They ensure your plants are watered automatically while maintaining optimal moisture levels. 

Features and benefits:

  • Automatically keeps plants watered! It works by drawing water into the pot via a nearby water container, vacuuming water in through the built-in water supply hose. Maintains optimal moisture levels in your plant's soil to keep them healthy and thriving, even while you're away.
  • Easy to use. Simply fill the ceramic cone with water. Next, secure the cap and push the cone into the soil. Then, unwind the hose wrapped around the cone and place into a nearby water container. You're good to go!
  •  Needs no power source. Save on energy and labor- these don't need a power source to work! A nearby water container is enough to keep your plants alive while you're out traveling.


    ● Operation: 

    1. Put the earthen part of the product into the water soak for 15 minutes. 

    2. Prepare a water containers filled with water (a narrow bottle, such as mineral water bottles). 

    3. Make sure the pottery pieces filled with water, because the green plastic cover tightly with the pottery pieces. 

    4. Stick cone piece a little bit into the soil of plant. 

    5. Then it will automatically bring water into the other end of the container, to the plants. 



    1. In order to watering better, put the bottle watering device level below the high end of the green plastic cover. 

    2. Please note the demand of each plants and pots size,and uses the appropriate pieces of watering devices.

    3. If failure to water your plants, please repeat the above operation steps. 

    4. After months of using, the ceramic piece parts need to be cleaned so as not to affect the effect of continue-using. 


    NOTE: Please give 15 – 25 working days for shipping

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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (2) Automatic Watering Device
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Material: Ceramic + PP
    Size: 10 x 3cm/3.94 x 1.18in
    Weight: 70g 
    Packaging: Suction card, two pack

    Note: Larger planters will need 2 or more Automatic Watering Devices.


    Add to cart and unlock more available product savings!!


    Add to cart and unlock more available product savings!!