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Tennis Trainer-FAQ

Tennis Trainer FAQ

We anticipated you might get overwhelmed seeing such a revolutionary item. To help you quickly figure the main features and specifications we decided to share he most common questions asked by Tennis Trainer buyers!

Q: How sustainable is the base, won't it move? 
A: The base has to be filled with water or sand before use. That weight is enough to keep it in the same place even during your hardest strikes. If the surface is not 100% flat, the base might slip just a bit

Q: How much space is needed to use?
A: We recommend at least 30 feet around the base   

Q: Does a ball come with it? 
A: Yes, it comes with one ball and we suggest you take a couple of spare ones for replacement as the string will wear out eventually  

Q: Is it suitable for children?
A: Yes, it's a great tool for both kids an adults to work on their drills 

Q: How long will the string last?
A: The tests show that the string lasts around 150 hours of play at 65°F or 20°C which is usually equivalent to 100 training sessions.

Q: Can I use it on the tennis court? Will it bounce over the net?
A: Yes, you can surely use it on a tennis court and yes it will bounce over the net but the trajectory of the ball will be affected when the string hits the net. The idea behind the Tennis Trainer is to let you practice in the open without a net or a wall or a partner